Monday, February 16, 2009

I'm back!

This has been such a busy 6 months!

Homeschooling is going well. The kids are only a few months away from finishing their school year, and they are already counting down the days! LOL

I have been busy writing. It has been a full-time job almost, but I love it. now I am writing more for myself and less for clients. I research and develop information products for sale. It is something I really enjoy.

Hubby is still at his same job, but he is talking about going back for his Bachelor's Degree.

I am working on my Bachelor's Degree, and should be finished by August.

I am already getting next year's curriculum purchased and laid out. I am adding a personal finance course for my oldest, and also each child will be creating and running a business next year.

I will be posting more updates soon!

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