Sunday, July 27, 2008

You know you are doing a good job when....

Well, Loyal Readers, I have to say that my son (12 years old) has done something I never thought possible - he totally embarrassed me and made me incredibly proud in the same moment.

Let me explain.

I consider one of the best things about having cable is that they have the music channels. That means I can be-bop to "Love Shack" and about a zikillion other 80's songs anytime I want. Life is good. ("The looooooove Shack is a little ....") Oh no, wait. Sorry. Got lost for a moment. I'm back now.

So I am in my room (thinking the kids are in bed), be-bopping along, singing, dancing, reliving my teenage years and not really paying attention to what was playing.

Suddenly, a quiet voice says, "Mom, should you really be listening to that?" And I whirl around to see my son in the doorway. He had gotten up to tell me something else, but stumbled onto my little singing and dancing number.

The song, you ask?

"I Want Your Sex" by George Michael. Yeah. That's the embarassing part.

But I was also very proud of my son. First, because he thinks that way. Second, because he had the courage to (respectfully) voice his concern/opinion. And third, because he was right.

I immediately turned off the television and hugged my son and told him how proud I was and that he was right. I thanked him for being honest with me and speaking up.

I guess, maybe, I am doing something right.

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