Thursday, July 31, 2008

Being a well-rounded parent

Growing up, I never really cared about what I learned in school. I did well and studied and all of that, but I never really thought about how it would impact my children.

I am so thankful that I learned music. I can play 5 instruments. I can read music. I can teach my kids the basics on 3 instruments, and I can teach them quite a bit more on the other 2.

I am so glad I took art classes in school. I can teach watercolor, oil pastels, chalk pastels, charcoal drawing, decoupage, batik, and a variety of other techniques and media.

I am thrilled that I learned Spanish in school. I can teach my kids Spanish and also show them how knowing Spanish helps in everyday life. (I have translated for more than one frustrated sales clerk while we are out running errands!)

I am happy I went as far a calculus and college - level Biology and Chemistry. I feel comfortable teaching science through high school.

I am sure you are thinking, "That's great, but what about if you don't know all of that stuff?"

Glad you asked! ;)

There are so many resources out there to help teach your kids. A Google search is all you need to find a resource for just about everything you would want to teach your kids. For example - my son wants to learn Japanese this year! Ack! I don't know Japanese!

But that's okay. I don't need to.

However, I will be learning it along with him. Why? Because I really want to share the experience with him, and it gives me a chance to learn something new.

I encourage you - if your kids are learning something you don't know, learn with them!

It can be a lot of fun. :o)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

You know you are doing a good job when....

Well, Loyal Readers, I have to say that my son (12 years old) has done something I never thought possible - he totally embarrassed me and made me incredibly proud in the same moment.

Let me explain.

I consider one of the best things about having cable is that they have the music channels. That means I can be-bop to "Love Shack" and about a zikillion other 80's songs anytime I want. Life is good. ("The looooooove Shack is a little ....") Oh no, wait. Sorry. Got lost for a moment. I'm back now.

So I am in my room (thinking the kids are in bed), be-bopping along, singing, dancing, reliving my teenage years and not really paying attention to what was playing.

Suddenly, a quiet voice says, "Mom, should you really be listening to that?" And I whirl around to see my son in the doorway. He had gotten up to tell me something else, but stumbled onto my little singing and dancing number.

The song, you ask?

"I Want Your Sex" by George Michael. Yeah. That's the embarassing part.

But I was also very proud of my son. First, because he thinks that way. Second, because he had the courage to (respectfully) voice his concern/opinion. And third, because he was right.

I immediately turned off the television and hugged my son and told him how proud I was and that he was right. I thanked him for being honest with me and speaking up.

I guess, maybe, I am doing something right.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Holy Cow! It's almost August!!!

Where does the time go?

Seems like just yesterday we had gotten done with school. Now we are close to gearing up for a new school year!!

I am changing a few things this coming year. Not major changes, but just a few small things to help fit with our schedule.

Saturday, July 5, 2008


Well, I am back among the living. I am still sick, but I am at least able to write something fairly coherent and not cough my head off every 2 seconds. (cough cough cough)

Okay, I'm back. ;)

My 3 year old has a new word: Cuckoo-crazies. No, I don't know where he got it from, but (considering the house he lives in) it is a pretty logical addition to his vocabulary. He has also informed every member in the house that he/she is cuckoo-crazy. Surprisingly, everyone has agreed.

Not sure how Grandma is going to feel about being called cuckoo-crazy, but that's another day....

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Taking a break

Hey, everyone!

I am sick with a horrible chest cold and feel like I am dying need a few more days to feel up to par.

I'll be back soon!