Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Teaching Math and Science

This question is asked of me quite a bit, so I think it is worth repeating.

How do you teach math and science if they are not your "thing"? (Or any subject, for that matter.)

I am comfortable teaching math and science. They don't scare me. I majored in Chemistry in college, so science is not a big deal; however, it is for some parents.

The answer to teaching a subject you are not comfortable with is easy. There are SO many options for homeschooling parents these days!

Here are a few ideas:
  • DVD's - These are simply a teacher in the classroom recorded on DVD's and the student watches the DVD's. Most of these programs have live teacher help also available.
  • Online classes - These are available through online private schools and also through community colleges (if the student is old enough). Some community colleges now offer "dual credits" - students earn college credit while also earning high school credits.
  • Co-op teaching - I am great in math and science, but I cannot even sew on a button. The parents in my homeschooling group will tutor each other's children if there is a need. I tutor in math and science; someone else helps my kids with other things.
  • Learn them yourself - Some parents dig right in with the kids and find that age helps make learning things a little easier!

Whatever your method, rest assured that there is plenty of help avainalbe in order to teach your child.

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