Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Income Idea - Usborne Books

The next installment of a new feature - Income Idea Tuesdays!


Shay: Tell about yourself and your family.

Dawn: I live in Illinois with my husband of almost 12 years, Mike, and our two daughters, Katelyn 6, and Megan 4. I love being able to stay at home with them!

Shay: What is your business?

Dawn: I am an educational consultant and supervisor for Usborne Books at Home. We carry over 1400 award-winning, beautifully illustrated, edcuational and fun books for ages infant to young adult.

Shay: Why did you start your business?

Dawn: I had been looking for something to do for extra income, and when I found Usborne Books- I fell in love with the attention to detail, the illustrations, and the variety. I wanted all the books in the catalog- so thought I might as well become a consultant and get the discount! I have been with Usborne 3 1/2 years- and love that I have a great income, amazing books for my kids, and get to help families, schools and organizations get the best books for the children in their lives.

Shay: What are some things you love about your business?

Dawn: It is flexible, there are no sales quotas for consultants, I now have an awesome in-home library for my kids! Plus- the perks are outstanding. I just got back from an Alaskan cruise for 2, and last year went to Paris- all earned from Usborne for FREE! :) Plus- our start up kits are inexpensive- often under 50.00!!

Shay: Are the kids involved? If so, how?

Dawn: YES! They are my "testers" When new books/kid kits come out- they read/ do them- and give me feedback. They will help me at booth events, sticker books, and really are part of the business.

Shay: Do you work strictly from home or do you do parties?

Dawn: I do quite a bit from home - but what is nice is that you have the choice of how to run your business, so I also do home shows, school book fairs, reading programs, fundraisers, etc, as well as work with libraries and corporations- so the possiblities really are endless!

Shay: How can someone learn more about your business?

Dawn: For more information please contact me:
Dawn Berkley
Usborne Books at Home Supervisor
Email: dawnberkley@sbcglobal.net
Toll free: 888-202-BOOK (2665)
Website: www.ReadingCanBeFun.com


Thank you, Dawn, for sharing with us on this blog!

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