Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Death of a friend

I just got news that a friend of mine died this week.

In a freak accident, he went to close a window in his condo and fell to his death when the window gave way.

He was only 35. 5 years younger than I am.

I went to school with this guy. We went to band camp together. He graduated with my stepsister.

Now he is gone. I am in shock.

I feel for his family. I wish I had words to say that would be of comfort.

Hug your loved ones, everyone. You never know what will happen.


Darla said...

I remember when a guy who was a year ahead of me committed suicide in January how I just sat in shock for the longest time.

Sorry to hear about your friend.

Zen Diva said...

So sorry to hear about your friend. It is always shocking when someone is lost so young. A guy I knew in high school committed suicide 10 years ago or so. He was only 22 at the time. It's always sad.

Hugs to you!

~Shades of Pink~

Darla said...

I have an award for you.