Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Book review

I have just finished reading part of Alexis Martin Neely's book WEAR CLEAN UNDERWEAR:A Fast, Fun, Friendly - and Essential - Guide to Legal Planning for Busy Parents.

There are plenty of books that tell you what you should do to plan for the event in case you are nor around to care for your children, but Ms. Neely presents this in a clear and personal way. This is not some dry, legalese nightmare of a book - it is in a thoughtful, engaging, easy-to-read format that involves you in the whole process of showing you how important it is to provide legal documentation for your family situation.

How does she do this? Remember those books you read as a kid with the alternate endings? When there was a decision to make, it looks like this:
  • "If Shaynala decides to jump off of the cliff, turn to page 25. If she decides to turn and fight the Morgols, turn to page 33.

I loved those books. I would always reread them to see how things would have turned out differently had the character made a different choice.

That is how this book engages you. It actually leads you through the story to see how things would happen if different legal paperwork was (or was not) put into place before the need arose.

Not only that, but Neely also walks you through more than just the basic scenarios. What if the person you name as guardian of your children passes away a few years after you do? What if you name a couple as guardians and they divorce? How will your children "know" you and keep your memory alive if you pass on?

This is an awesome book. I highly recommend a copy for yourself and get one for friends, too.

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Emily said...

Ahhh.. Yes! The Choose your own adventure books! Sometimes I would actually read those backwards! LOL It wasn't easy, but ti could be done.