Saturday, April 5, 2008

Product review - Spectrum workbooks

From time to time I thought it would be good to give some ideas/thoughts about things that would interest homeschooling moms/families: books, curricula, personal products, etc.

Today I wanted to give my thoughts on some workbooks we use - the Spectrum workbooks by Frank Schaffer Publications.

We use the writing, math, phonics and geography workbooks to help supplement our studies. They are not necessarily designed as a stand-alone text, but they really are excellent for extra practice and the math is really good to practice with the grade-level state standards.

The math workbooks also have pre- and post-chapter tests, and they are pretty detailed. They are great to see if the child "gets it".

You can find these workbooks at Books-a-Million and you can also go to their website:


SkinCareMom said...

I love the Spectrum series! We have been using it with Reading (started with the 1st grade reader when my son finally learned to read at the end of 2nd grade and are now finishing the 5th grade one 1/2 way through his 4th grade year)! We also use the Spelling~~again working a full grade level above and doing very well with it.

I haven't incorporated the other topics as his writing/grammar skills are a bit behind and we are doing some catch-up there. His math is so far ahead that we are doing the same book he would use in 6th grade at the private school he will attend starting in 6th grade(Pre-Algebra) and I don't feel Spectrum fits his learning style in math;)

Shay :o) said...

I love the Spectrum books. They are not expensive, and they really are good.

Most of the time you can get them at your local bookstore, so you save on shipping.

Did you see where they were adding a Science series?