Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I want to change the way we elect officials

Yeah, I know....like anyone is going to listen to me.

But that's never stopped me before. Hehehehehe

The way we elect officials now (especially the President) is ludic lewdi loodic stupid.

In this day and age, why on earth do we have the Electoral College? Why go through the delegate process? For Heaven's sake - Florida isn't even GETTING democratic convention delegates!

The technology exists for every vote to be counted for each and every citizen. The one who wins the most votes wins the election. Period. This could work with both nominees for each party and for the actual Presidential election.

I think it is time for the system to be overhauled.

Just sayin'.

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Zen Blogger said...

I think you have a great point. My husband is always saying that our votes don't even count since the electoral college makes the ultimate decision. Totally understand.