Saturday, January 12, 2008

Lordy, Lordy - Guess who's 40!

Yep, that's me! I turned 4 decades old on Jan. 10th!

Do I feel old? Nope. I don't. The grey hairs in my head remind me that this ain't my first rodeo, and I have a little common sense now.

Our culture worships youth. Ads cater to the young and how parents can please the young. Ads loudly proclaim how you can "fight the signs of aging" and all of that nonsense.

I worked hard for these grey hairs. Heredity has been good to me in the fine lines and wrinkles department (Thanks, Mom!), but my grey hair gives me away.

If I dyed my hair, I could easily pass for 30, but I don't. Why should I? So people can think I had my kids when I was 16? So they can look at me differently? So total starngers can think I am younger than I really am?

No, thank you.

Besides all that, my daughter loudly and proudly proclaims that I am "4 decades old" to total strangers everywhere we go, so the hair dye wouldn't work anyway.


Emily said...

Happy belated Birthday!!

shadesofpink said...

Happy Birthday!

momster said...

A belated Happy Birthday! Laughing about your daughter happily announcing your age. My DD did the same. My hair is almost all silver now with a little natural streaking. I get compliments, and when asked about it I respond: Thank you, I have gone to a lot of effort to get this look! LOL Go with it girl! Hope the next year is the best yet.