Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Lies, lies, lies

I was looking through the local paper and saw an ad in the Help Wanted section. I am not looking for a job, but this ad caught my eye.

It read (and I am paraphrasing) "Local entrepreneur seeks bilingual assistant to help expand business."

Now, I really don't want a job, but I thought I could help out a fellow entrepreneur, right?

Well, when I called, I got a sales pitch to join this guy's MLM. I have nothing against MLM or Direct Sales (I am with a Direct Sales company myself), but this company sounded like a ripoff AND the ad was VERY misleading, and I told him so.

I also told him that I had called with all intentions of VOLUNTEERING my services to help with his business, but after calling and hearing what he had to say, I changed my mind. What he is doing (with the ads) is just plain wrong.

Okay. I feel better now. Thanks for letting me vent. :D


shadesofpink said...

Good for you expressing your disdain! I think this is the very reason why MK doesn't allow its consultants to advertise in the paper. I hope whatever you told that guy sunk in and he thinks twice before doing it again.

Shay :o) said...

This guy was a total sleaze. I have been around the block in MLM/Direct Sales. I knew as soon as he started what his deal was, but he danced around the subject.

He gave enough info (very grudgingly) for me to be able to search the Net for info. He kept saying we needed to meet so he could explain what the company was like (sounds like Amway/Quixtar, but it wasn't), blah blah blah....

I found all the info I needed. I told him what the name of the company was (he had not told me) and all of the details of the company (I found a business briefing outline online) and told him exactly what I thought of his tactics. Grrrrrr.....

Burns me up when people do that garbage.....

Scam said...

This is one of the reasons why I am personally not a fan of MLM - 'some' of those involved are way less than ethical.

You should have sung him that Bon Jovi song down the phone - "You Give MLM A Bad Name".

Shay :o) said...

Scam -

I agree. There are more people than I care to admit I know (not in my particular company) who run ads making it sound like they are offering jobs, when they are not. They are offering an "opportunity."

I have run ads before, and I run them from time to time, but I make sure my ads are the pre-approved company ads and not something I made up. LOL The pre-approved ads are designed to be very up front about what type of income opportunity they are offering.

The result is that you get fewer calls, but that's okay - the calls you get are highly qualified.

The dishonest ones hope for a ton of calls and they hope that out of those calls, they can persuade some to join their company.

IMHO, if someone will still join your company after you have lied to them, then you deserve to have them in your downline.

The bad part is that these practices give the other people a bad name.