Thursday, January 17, 2008

"I can't afford to homeschool."

This is something I hear a lot. I discussed this a bit in this post.

"I can't afford it. Both of us have to work!"

Aside from the fact that the second income may not really be helping (when you factor in child care, etc.), let's assume you need to have two incomes.

Did you know there are lots of options for women (and men) who want to work but need to be at home?

  • Ebay is one option. Clean out your house and make some moola.
  • Telecommute. See if your current job can be done from home.
  • Freeleance work. Writing and marketing jobs can be done this way.
  • Home businesses. You can either start your own biz or join a Direct Sales company.
  • Turn a hobby or passion into a business.

I do a combination of #3 and #4. Right now, my income comes from my home business (with a gourmet food company), but I am releasing 3 books this year, and I believe that will contribute greatly to my income. I would love to make a living at #5, but I have yet to find a way to turn my fondness for watching Star Trek reruns into a profitable home biz. Hehehehehehe

My true goal is to make enough to keep my hubby at home hand have him not need to work. We'll see how that goes! LOL


shadesofpink said...

Wow! 3 books!? I'd love to hear more about that.

My goal is to work from home and earn enough so that my hubby can stay home, too. Lofty dreams, but I'm working out a plan. My day job technically could easily be done from home, but the security issues that some have would be so against it. So sad, too bad. :)

Anyway, it sounds like you are quite amazing writing books, homeschooling, direct selling. You go!

Scam said...


Run a fan-site blog about all things Star Trek.

You could add contextual advertising from the likes of Google or find affiliate schemes that offer Star Trek and other sci-fi related products.

If you have a passion for it then such fan sites attract a lot of visitors.

Shay :o) said...

Scam -

I have thought about a Star Trek blog. I actually have made a few customized Star Trek items (a table and chair) for my uncle (who introduced me to Star Trek), and thought about trying to market such customized, unique items.

So far, it is just a thought. :o) But you never know! :D

Shay :o) said...


I will post some more about my books in the near future! :D

Thanks for the kind words!

Scam said...

I'm intigued as to what a Star Trek table and chair would like look - got any photos?

Shay :o) said...

Scam -

No photos. :( I'll have to go to my uncle's office and get some pics. :o)

It is a small-ish table (used more like a desk) and a wooden chair. I used a Star Trek magazine for the photos and used decoupage to put them on the desk. The desk is painted black with a few white dots to give the impression of space.

Hard to describe! I will get some pics! :o)

Shay :o) said...

The chair is completely covered in ST pics using decoupage. :o)

Scam said...

Yes, pics definitely required - call me dense, but I have no idea what decoupage is!

Shay said...

Decoupage is hard to explain. I'll have to see if I can find an article about it. :D