Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Just for the record - I am not an idiot

"How are you going to teach the kids math and science?"

If I have one more person ask me this, I will scream. At them. Loudly.

Let's look at my personal qualifications, shall we? I was a CHEMISTRY MAJOR in college. I think I have a decent enough background in science and math in order to scrape by with high school chemistry and math with my children, thank you very much.

Now, even if I did NOT have that background, there are SO MANY resources available to homeschoolers these days! This is NEVER an issue!

There are books written to self-teach kids, online courses, support groups, DVD courses, etc., etc., etc. Teacher guides are written for parents that may not have a background in that subject.

And, speaking of teacher guides, if teachers are so all-knowing and most wise, why do they need answer keys and teacher edition books? Hmmmm?

I am just sayin'.

If you go into most private schools (which, by the way, no one will argue the fact that private schools are doing a much better job than public schools), if you look at the education of most of the teachers, they did not major in education. For example, my son's kindergarten teacher held a degree in Accounting. Hmmmmm....

The public school system WANTS you to think that only people trained in education are qualified to teach kids. WRONG!!!!! They WANT your tax dollars so they can teach (and I use that term loosely) your kids. They do NOT want to admit that homeschooling is better than public school. They will do everything they can to deny that. Why? Because they want your money!!!!

Cynical? Yep. I am.

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shadesofpink said...

I would pay no mind to anyone asking how you're going to teach anything to your children. There are plenty of "teachers" out there that can be asked the same thing.

I'll probably read up on your blog often. Although I have no children (yet); homeschooling has always been something I've considered an option for my future family. :)