Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Why men are not in charge very often

First off, let me say that I have wonderful husband and that he is a sweetheart when it comes to watching the kids if I have an errand to run. :o)

However, I always seem to come home to this:

Hubby: "Guess what your son did while you were gone." (Note how he is MY son at this point. Didja catch that?)

Me: "What now?"

Hubby: "Your son stripped naked and then walked into the living room and peed on the floor."

Me: "Which one?" (I ask, because can't assume things in this house.....)

Hubby: "The little one."

Now, I make several observations from this. First, he had time to strip naked. Then he came into the room Hubby was in, so Hubby was not in the room My Son was in.

Hubby gets miffed at my observations and insists it is not his fault that My Son did what he did.

I disagree, but let it go. After all, what's a little pee on the floor once in a while in exchange for a few hours of peace and quiet away from kids? :o)


EquineSpirit said...

LOL! Great entry! Oh gosh...I can so relate! :D

Sarah said...

Hey, that happens to me all the time (son strips and pees in the living room) and I'm a woman. Humph!

Shay, I have a wordpress blog and I met an awesome woman on-line who homeschools and blogs about her life in Kansas. You should check out her blog sometime. The link is in my sidebar in the blogroll. Little Homeschool on the Prairie. :) See you around!