Monday, October 1, 2007

Private Schools as an option

I have been asked about my views on private schools versus public schools versus homeschooling.

My views on public schools are pretty obvious (read my previous posts), so I will focus on private schools and homeschooling.

I believe private schools are a viable option for education. I think homeschooling is better (which I will explain later), but private schools are a far cry above public schools.

I think private schools do a better job for several reasons:
  • They can pick and choose whom they admit - public schools can't.
  • They can (and do) remove kids that are disruptive.
  • They deal with kids who are disciplinary problems quickly and swiftly.
  • They have more contact (in my experience) with parents.
  • The curriculum is more challenging.
  • They enforce a code of conduct based on Biblical Laws.

They do a better job with less money per student (on average) than public schools. Teachers at public schools tend to make more money than those in private schools. The teachers I know at private schools don't do it for the money - they do it for other reasons: many do it so that their kids can get a reduced tuition rate. AND it is worth the pay cut to be able to teach in a better environment.

Now, why do I think homeschooling is better than private school? A few reasons:

  • Cost
  • I am not really keen on the whole "group mentality" thing.
  • Time is spent with family, not at school.



Jody said...

This is my thrid year of homeschooling and I have to agree with you. It's way better than public school and even in some private schools you have to worry about things.

Jody said...

This is my third year homeschooling and I have to say I agree with you totally. It's way better than public school and even some private schools have their own issues.