Tuesday, October 16, 2007

On the lighter side

Are anyone else's kids like this, or am I just darned lucky?

Here is a typical conversation with my daughter, who is 9. We were driving in the car and she found a catalog for homeschooling materials and saw a book in it about landslides.

HER: "What's a landslide?"

ME: blah blah blah blah (detailed explanation about landslides) ...."and they pretty much destroy everything in their path"

HER: "Really? It destroys EVERYTHING???"

ME: "Well, yes, it does, if it's large enough."

HER: "Like houses, trees, cars??"

ME: "Yes, everything."

HER: "So if I was wearing this shoe, and I was in a landslide, it would destroy my shoe?"

ME: *my left eye is starting to twitch* "YES, it would."

HER: "What about cats? Would it destroy cats?"

ME: *twitch* "YES! It would!"

HER: "So what if I was standing ON the house, WITH a cat, WEARING my shoe. Would it destroy us all?"

At this point, the conversation went downhill.

Yes, I love homeschooling, but conversations like this are why I have grey hairs.....


Rosa said...

Hi Shay, I can understand why you have gray hair, I would too if my kid asked me so many questions like that. Good luck to you :)

Rosa :)

Miranda Hyatt said...

My mom would completely agree with your grey hair comment and she didn't even homeschool us. She likes to blame her first grey hair on taking my brothers and I to the grocery store (ages 4,3,1). I'm interested in homeschooling, how would say I go about getting started?

Shay :o) said...

Miranda -

I would find a a local homeschool group (Google "homeschool" and your state to find one) and contact them to see if they offer any seminars to prospective homeschoolers.

You can also get good books about homeschooling from your local bookstore.

I personally like the book "So You're Thinking About Homeschooling" by Lisa Whelchel. It gives a good overview of homeschooling and the different ways to approach it. :o)

Miranda Hyatt said...

Thanks for the suggestions. I hope you don't mind a perfect stranger commenting on your blog. I found your blog on a message board and you asked for comments. I'm looking to expand my range of acquaintances and I appreciate your candor in your blog. Plus, I also agree with homeschooling on the basis of wanting to know what my children are learning.

EquineSpirit said...

LOL! I can TOTALLY relate to that conversation! One of our boys is CONSTANTLY asking questions like those...ALL...DAY...LONG!! If I didn't dye my hair every so often I'm sure I'd have a TON of grey hairs...LOL!

Shay :o) said...

I love having people comment on my blog - including strangers! LOL

If you have any more questions or comments - please share! :o)